So you have finally got the call letter to the interview. We are gonna explore what you can possibly do on the D-day to achieve the success.

The common mistake most people do is before the D-day they prepare on all technologies they know, rather than thinking from an interviewer perspective.

So let’s start to think from the interviewers’ side and try to hack our way through the interview.

1) Pick your best dress, get it ironed, conditioned .. do whatever that is required. Studies show that your confidence levels boost up when you are wearing your best dress.

You may argue that I am cool dude/dudette. I will wear pajamas for the interview, you can do it by all means. But not many companies accept the unconventional ways of dressing yet, and by “Dressing up” there is no downside to it. There is only upside that, you are showing people that you “care about the job”

2) Go through your Resume, and pick out the first three projects from it. The interviewer is most like gonna ask you about the first three things listed on your Resume.

For example, You have mentioned that you have built an e-commerce website.

Be prepared to for the following questions

  • How do the sessions work in identifying a user?
  • How to implement a cart?
  • How does payment gateway work, how do you validate the payment made?
  • How do you write a query to get all the top items sold in descending order

Basically, you need to think about what are all the things that interviewer can ask you and be prepared for an answer. And the chances are that Interviewer is gonna ask you the exact same questions you have been preparing for. You should ideally do this step on the day before the interview

3) If you don’t know something, Admit that you don’t know. This may be controversial but sometimes, your interviewer will be wrong, if you try to prove him that he/she is wrong. You most likely won’t get that job. Be aware of the tone you are speaking with. Instead of banging the table, saying you are wrong. Say something like. “Hey here is what I think about it, correct me if I am wrong. This approach might not be the best, here is what I think about this approach.” This will most likely get you brownie points.

Because in the above approach you are not trying to prove your interviewer wrong, you are just exploring another possibility with him/her and trying to think of a solution

4) Thinking out loud, sometimes the questions will be asked in Interviews will be tough. And if you have not encountered them before, chances of you finding the solutions on the spot might be less. So instead of giving up on the question, and saying you don’t know the answer. Talk about your thought process on here are the steps you will do, to arrive at a solution. And tell them, here is what I am stuck at. Then there might be a possibility that interviewer will give the clue and you two together can arrive at a solution.

5) If a Developer/Software Engineer asks you, if you have any questions for them:

Here a couple of questions you could ask them

  1. Do you write tests? If he/she says “yes”. Extend your question to what kind of tests? (FYI: There are many Unit, Integration, Acceptance etc)
  2. Do you have a CI pipeline, what kind of linters do you use
  3. How do you ensure that merge conflicts will be less?

The trick is to ask one easy question and one tough question. Easy question to make the other person feel good while explaining to you. The tough question is to prove that you are technically strong enough to work at their company and you care about industry best practices. Ideally, ask the tough question first and easy question later

6) Answer your salary expectations to HR. Most of the times, beginners make a mistake by saying “As per the companies standards”. In reality, there is no such thing as a company standard. You should aim for the max budget available for that position.

You have two options here. One option is Shoot for a number which is higher than your expectations, suppose you are aiming at 30 k, ask them 50k. So that they will eventually come down to 30k or even 50 k if you are lucky. But they will not outright reject you for asking 50 k. But if your aim is 30k, and you are asking the same. Chances are they are gonna talk you down to 25 k, 20 k what not ..

Another option is to, tell them a blank statement. Saying, I have not really thought about that, but I would like you to make an offer to me for the kind of responsibilities I am gonna be filling in. This would make them think twice about making an offer, and most likely you will be allocated the max budget for the position available.

These are the things that have helped me to hack my way through many interviews, including for high paying jobs. I hope you have learned something new today. All the best for your next big interview.



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    1. Hi Acharya,

      You can say something like, I am Acharya, I graduated in 2015 from so and so University as a Computer Science major. I am passionate about technology, I have built several projects which are opensourced. I am also a contributor on Stack Overflow. Reading, writing, blogging, etc are my hobbies.


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